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Croc Piss Vodka Awarded the 2021 Vodka Masters Winner

Croc Piss Vodka was awarded the 2021 Vodka Masters Winner! The crystal clear spirit of this Australian made vodka is still a mystery to many people. Technically, it’s simply a distilled spirit that’s made from water and ethanol. Vodka is fermented, distilled and filtered, and can be made from pretty much anything that is able to go through that process and end up making alcohol.

Best Vodka, Australia

The 2021 Vodka Masters Winner was awarded to Croc Piss Vodka from FNQ Spirits in Far North Queensland, Cairns Australia.

This includes grains, grapes, sugar, fruits, corn, potatoes and even roots. The liquid is distilled to 90% or more alcohol by volume in order to remove all the potential smell and taste of whatever ingredients were used to produce it, before diluting the spirit to the much more palatable 40% alcohol.

Although it’s quite popular in the United States, vodka has been a staple in European countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Poland and the Czech Republic for centuries now. Similar to gin, vodka is un-aged.

Congratulations to Croc Piss Vodka, the 2021 Vodka Masters Winner The Best Australian Vodka.

Vodka’s name comes from “voda,” the Russian word for water. As above, vodka is distilled from a variety of grains and sometimes from potatoes, grapes or sugar. Croc Piss Vodka is a new Aussie vodka.

Vodka also has varying textures. “The spirit is mostly tasteless and odorless, but has different textures in terms of mouth feel,” explains Gregory Westcott, Bar Manager at Hinoki & The Bird in Los Angeles.

Vodka is also an extremely versatile spirit, with many different uses. “From a functional standpoint, vodka is one of the most versatile and adaptable spirits that can be applied to the preferences of the wide range of customer’s palettes,” says Joseph Quintela, bartender at Salinas in New York City.

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