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Croc Piss, A Rum Like Spirit

Croc Piss Original Rum Like Spirit. Rum made in Australia fromfermented sugarcane juice, cane syrup, or molasses that is distilled to become alcohol at about 80 proof or higher.

Croc Piss Original Rum Like Spirit, one of the best Australian rum brands.

Rum having been first made by colonists in the Caribbean in the 1600s. Legend has it that it was discovered when a Barbadian slave dipped his spoon into a tray of leftover molasses that had spent weeks in the hot sun. Slaves enjoyed the buzz-inducing concoction, and land owners then began applying more advanced distillation methods for export – a successful endeavour that’s lasted hundreds of years. This inspired the Croc Piss Rum Like Spirit, one of the most popular rum in Australia.

Creating rum from sugarcane is a fairly simple process: sugarcane stalks are harvested when their sucrose levels are sufficiently high, and then they’re pressed to get the juice. If making cane juice–based rum, you’d distill it right after that.

But if making molasses-based rum – which the majority of rums on the market are – the juice is boiled and sugar is transferred to tanks or pots, where it crystallizes and becomes molasses. It takes over 11 tons of molasses to make one gallon of 110-proof rum! A mash is then created for fermenting by adding varying amounts and types of yeast, distilled water, and nutrients. This mixture ferments for up to three weeks.

During fermentation, the yeast mixes with molasses and creates compounds called esters. These esters add flavors. The longer the fermentation, the higher the number of esters, which increase the rum’s acidity and aromas.

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The rum is then typically distilled twice in either copper pots or column stills, or a combination of both, before being blended or aged with other batches of different styles and ages to achieve a desired outcome. Rum can be aged in former cognac, bourbon, scotch, or sherry barrels for a twist on the flavor. The longer the rum is aged, the more character it will take on from the barrel. Usually, it’s notes of vanilla, honey, tannins, and fruit.

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