The Flavoured Vodka Trend is Real: Here’s What You Should Try

It’s vodka-o-clock! What else do you drink at a party?

Not everyone enjoys wine, and whiskey is too masculine. But there is one alcoholic beverage that both men and women can enjoy. It’s vodka! If you don’t like the original shots, you can always try the flavoured variant.

You can give flavoured vodka gift packs Australia to loved ones because champagne and wine are so old-school. It’s time to enjoy flavoured vodkas. Now that you’re here let us introduce you to some of the best flavours. Let’s get started.

#1 Espresso Vodka – Tastes Like Rich Coffee

If you enjoy the coffee flavour, you’ll love the espresso vodka too. It has a hint of espresso and a strong alcoholic punch that makes you woozy. You can feel a hint of dark chocolate at the back of your tongue. So, yes, there is a tinge of sweetness and bitterness.

Espresso vodka can be taken as shots, or you can make a lovely cocktail out of it. What are your thoughts? It doesn’t feel like you are drinking strong original vodka – the coffee flavour makes it delightful.

#2 Try A New Tropical Flavour – Go Papaya!

Everyone’s gaga about green apple vodka, but that’s also old-school. Have you tried the new tropical flavour? That’s right! Papaya flavour vodka is beautiful in every sense.

The light and fruity note of the vodka makes you want to forget all the beverages you have ever had. Mix it up with some soda, or have it as it is. Wouldn’t it be nice to throw a party with tropical papaya shots?

Papaya shots have a bit of sweetness, and you will especially like this in cocktails and on-the-rocks. What would you prefer? It’s an excellent unique gift for people. Don’t go for the usual wine bottles and try something new.

#3 Zesty Lemon – A Classic Pick

If you don’t want to get too experimental; there is always the option of getting a lemon zesty vodka. It goes very well with soda and all kinds of beverages.

You can make the classic mojito using the zesty lemon vodka. Different brands have a variety of names for this lemon-flavoured vodka. Do try it out!

#4 Fruity Fun with Raspberry Vodka

Girlies will love the raspberry-flavoured vodka. It is tasty, fruity, and so much fun.

Try it out if you can get this in one of the known brands. This tastes good with soda and for shots. How else will you take vodka?

Summing Up

We have introduced you to some great flavours, so go ahead and try them out.

You will find some great Aussie brands that sell papaya, lemon, espresso, and raspberry vodka. Do your research!


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