Craft Distillery of the Year & Business Resilience Award 2022


Australia Enterprise Awards

Coming a long way from its days operating out of a shed, FNQ Spirits has certainly proven its resilience and determination to succeed. The distillery serves as a home for numerous alcoholic beverages, from rum to coffee liqueur, and papaya vodka to LimeZello. Indeed, the homegrown company utilises only the best locally-sourced ingredients in order to infuse its products with a tantalising freshness and an explosive flavour.

It’s easy to guess where FNQ Spirits is based purely from the name of its original spirit – Croc Piss. This name, incorporating both humour and slang, could only stem from a company nestled in the heart of Australia. Based out of Cairns, Queensland, FNQ Spirits has entirely embraced its Australian background, leaning into the stereotype of the nation being a laidback place filled with animals that will, in fact, try to kill you. Home to the enormous saltwater crocodile, the Daintree Rainforest, and the internationally renowned Australia Zoo, it’s safe to say that FNQ Spirits has a plethora of inspirational, local sources to pull from when delving into the development, marketing, and distribution of Croc Piss.

Founded by Troy Read, FNQ Spirits stems from humble beginnings. After working in the disability and mental health sectors for 18 years, Troy decided that it was time for a change, the work had become draining and had impacted his own wellbeing. Therefore, he spent time researching, spending countless hours scrolling through websites and visiting distilleries. Taking the plunge, he applied for a distilling license which was promptly approved. FNQ Spirits was born. In addition, finding its first home in a shed, the company spawned from a blank canvas and, over time, blossomed into the company it is today.

FNQ Spirits’ star product is, of course, Croc Piss – a rum-like spirit that has the ‘essence of the Daintree Rainforest, a hint of the Great Barrier Reef, flavour of a tropical paradise.’ However, this isn’t where the company’s impressive range ends. The distillery has collaborated with multiple companies in order to create tantalising alcoholic treats, including a collaboration with Skybury – Australia’s oldest coffee plantation. Be it limoncello or papaya flavoured vodka, each ingredient is sourced from the Far North Queensland area, ensuring freshness and vibrant flavours within each mouthful.

Over the past few years FNQ Spirits has established a loyal and friendly community that has one thing in common – a love for the company’s products. Amassing over 10,000 followers on Facebook and 9,987 likes, the distillery maintains an active presence across its social media pages, sharing memes, replying to comments, and posting company updates and offers. Moreover, the FNQ Spirits webpage hosts a section devoted to this community, where it uploads images of clients across the globe. Spanning from Melbourne, Australia to Memphis, Tennessee, the community may be small in comparison to those of industry titans, but it is loud, proud, and, most definitely, mighty.

Indeed, FNQ Spirits excels within a variety of areas, something which is greatly reflected within the reviews of the company. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Emma Mauro left a Facebook recommendation stating, ‘What a great enterprise to turn your business to at this time. Put product on hold for me and friendly service when I picked it up. Local legends!’ Additionally, Sharon Lewis testified, ‘Big hearted people with great service!! Love your work FNQ spirits!!! 5+ Stars.’


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