Quick Hacks To Look Dapper With a Face Mask

When COVID-19 entered the planet and shook everyone, people weren’t ready to cover their mouths and nose with a mask. We can’t blame them because masks were plain and dull. It felt like you were wearing a surgical mask and going on a mission.

But let’s deal with the bigger issues of life here. COVID-19 was deadly and took away many lives within two or three months.

Masks have become a part of our lives, and they’re available in different designs too. You must still wear masks at airports, hospitals, and other public spaces.

Hold that thought! We have some cool hacks to make you look dapper with a Pissface mask.

Read this quick post to learn about the hacks.

#1 Focus on Your Hair

Since your mouth and nose will be covered, you can only flaunt your eyes or hair. So, the first thing you need to do is get a good hairstyle. Men can gel up their hair or opt for a trendy haircut.

Consider tying a high ponytail or letting your tresses flow if you’re a woman.

You could also go for fringes to look cool with a mask.

#2 Wear Cool Sunglasses To Enhance the Look

Once you get a trendy printed face mask, you next must invest in a cool pair of sunglasses.

These days you get all kinds of sunglasses in different shapes and colours. You could try the Beatles’ round frame or the wayfarers to look dapper.

#3 Let Your Eye Makeup Pop!

Women have the gift of creativity. They can use makeup to make their eyes pop. Feel free to use all kinds of colours. It’s easy to find tutorials online on eye makeup.

You can use those videos to do up the eyes and look good with a mask. As we said before, the only thing that you can flaunt is your eyes and hair. Let your eyes do the talking, amigo.

#4 Smile With Your Eyes

Your smile won’t be visible behind the mask, but you can always have happy, lively, smiley eyes to attract attention.

Everyone notices happy eyes, so make sure you radiate positivity.

#5 Choose a Good-Looking and Funky Face Mask.

You get trendy face masks in the market. Of course, you can get a dapper Pissface mask to look uber cool.

Skip the usual solid colour face masks, and get one with a trendy print. You could also choose something in different colours with a funky pattern.

Summing Up

Use these quick hacks to look cool with a mask on your mouth.

We know you will look good in anything you wear—all you have to enhance the look with accessories, makeup, and good hairstyles.


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